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Root and Soul - Exhibition of Chinese Civilization


Root and Soul - Exhibition of Chinese Civilization

Chinese civilization, profound and long-lasting, has been recognized by people all over the world. This fact is even further solidified by the boundless artifacts uncovered. Although only 30 sets of exhibits are shown in this exhibition and its selection process was constrained by many obstacles, we still have a chance to catch a glimpse of this magnificent Chinese civilization.

The development of Chinese civilization has been multi-dimensional and full of twists and turns, rather than going down a narrow path. the artifacts will be restored to its former glory as we will attempt to place it back in its own timeline. We will also seek out the artifacts’ values and positions within the society by conducting an extensive study into their origin, design and background, thus shining a light on the beauty of the civilization.

The Chinese civilization is the only civilization that is still alive and going strong. Although it lies on the Eastern pole of the Eurasian continent, blocked by an immense ocean, high mountains and an endless desert, China has never closed its door to other civilizations. There were exchanges and integrations between grassland culture and farming culture in its north and south; communication and interactions with cultures from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia and Arab in the East and the West. In addition, There had also been an influx of colorful religions, such as Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Nestorianism and Islam. some of foreign cultures have either faded away or assimilated into Chinese civilization. Through constant communication, trade and interaction, civilizations collide, innovate and renew. The exhibits here are witnesses of the cultural exchanges between China and the west.

History and reality are inseparable, even more so with  civilizations that develops from a natural, primitive state. These artifacts may seem to have no connection with the current China. Actually, it is inextricably tied up with our modern life. It affects our way of thinking and many other aspects. It is in our blood. It is the “root” and “soul” of our culture. “Even now, it is the powerful spiritual strength that promotes reform, opening-up and the socialist modernization movement”.